Meet the Team

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Prateek Boga

AKA Captain Cool!!Loves to write mysteries as dark as dark matter, loves to paint with vibrant colours of Nebulae and tries to carve with various shapes and letters !

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Adhitya Shreyas SP

Also known as Professor!! A kid who loves Science more than anything else. A Factual person but loves cartoons! Loves to excel in all fields of Space Studies !

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Kritika Joshi

Also known as Didi!! Thegirlwhowrites and music defines her a lot.Earth is not a place to live let's just move to space!Truth is the universal constant, it remains invariant at all.

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Amaria Bonsi Navis

Also known as Social Butterfly!! Cosmic lover and an occasional writer. A dreamer and patient snapper. Also a silent singer !

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Athuliya A

Also known as Agent A!! Ruler of water, Walking on air.An Antisocial Alien,
Not of this planet
Can't breath your atmosphere
And you can't reach my Hemisphere

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Priyanka Kasturia

Also known as Logo girl!! Googles everything with a passion! Amazing presenter and hard worker!

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R. Aparna

AKA Ms.Nightingale!! Space enthusiast with an undying adoration for all things celestial who likes to think she can sing and write !

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Ankit Kumar Mishra

Also known as Mr.India!! "A man full of dreams which make the way out to live in space". We can't choose where we come from but we can choose where we go from there.

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Apeksha Mahesh Phadte

Also known as Catty!! Cat lover with a passion of time travel. A fan of Doctor Who and can't live without her favourite pop songs!

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Megha Madhusudhan

AKA Fluffy Cloud!!Girl with sloth as spirit animal
Introvert soul with love for poetry
Call her fluffy cloud and she'll be your cannibal
And that's her humor, how eerie!

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Arvindh E Prasad

AKA Caller Kobe!! An average guy until you start talking about outer space or basketball !

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Renuka Velu

Also known as Star foodie!! Amateur Astronomer and a crazy dreamer. She wishes to float in deep space listening to jazz and is a food geek !

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Also known as Ms.Gravity!! A person who gets excited about Gravity and Food !