About Us

We, Team SOHO are a group of students from diverse academic and cultural background aspiring to be prodigies in the field of science. During a 5 week-Research Internship at SSERD, we took up a project which entails the study of our nearest star-The Sun. We took a journey to the deep CORE of the sun, surfed on the boiling PLASMA, camped with the glorious FLARES, embraced the strong SOLAR WINDS and got enlightened like the AURORA. To get a feel of this journey, have a look at our project report and our presentation. Feel free to contact us below!

Contact Us

Thanks for reading more about us. If you'd like to contact us, put a message to any of the below mail addresses and we'll be sure to have a look at it! Cheers!

prateek.boga@ipd.sserd.org                          adhitya.shreyas@ipd.sserd.org

anisha.rastogi@ipd.sserd.org                          priyanka.kasturia@ipd.sserd.org